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Carol McCann 

Carol McCann, of Ambergris Caye Realty in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize is a licensed realtor and certified Property Manager in the United States. With this she has gained twenty five years of experience in purchasing, renovating, staging and selling property internationlly. As she has been coming to Belize since 1988, where she purchased her first property in 1991, leading her to open a Belize Real Estate Brokerage Company. A noted agent in the real estate market, she was featured in the “My Beautiful Belize” travel publication.

“My Beautiful Belize”

Belize Real Estate Brokerage

~ For many, owning a piece of paradise begins after falling in love with a vacation destination. Such is the case in Belize, where after a visit to our Caribbean home, some people love it so much, they want a piece of it to call their own!Over the years, Belize has become a prime real estate market, whether for a seasonal home, a new permanent residence or just an investment property. But, buying foreign land can be complicated, and that is when you need the assistance of a real estate professional.“The first thing you need to do is prioritize; think about your budget. Why do you want a property in Belize, and what do you expect to get from that property? These are just some things you need to take in consideration when taking the step to make a purchase”, said Carol. Carol had been visiting Belize since the 80’s, and soon after, decided to call it home.

belize real estate brokerage“San Pedro has grown from a small fishing village to a welcoming and thriving destination, without losing the charm that so many have fallen in love with. The key is to prioritize, search, discover and most importantly be sure to work with a qualified and reputable agent and Belize Real Estate Brokerage firm.”Belize has many real estate options, from turnkey properties to raw land. Carol often says to her clients “Build something now, build something later; the options are endless. Land is forever and they’re not making any more of it. Buying real-estate can be a challenge but it is also exhilarating and can be very profitable. So, when it comes to owning a piece of Belize, Carol says “You won’t regret it!”… ~

Belize Real Estate Brokerage Company

For twelve years Carol assisted Nadine Hogan with an annual luncheon in Washington, D.C. with Oscar del la Renta for Casa del Nino in the Dominican Republic. The charity supports children’s daycare and educational center for over 1,500 children. It also provides special schooling to the hearing impaired and blind children.  She is a preservationist and has restored properties in Washington neighborhoods most notably Kalorama and Georgetown. Her last renovation was a 1912 , 6,800 sq. ft  Beaux Arts single family home, eight bedroom, five baths and two half baths she purchased.

With her years of being in Belize and her lifetime experience she decided to open her own Belize Real Estate Brokerage company. She opened Ambergris Caye Realty, and created boutique firm which gives the company’s clients extra attention. Clients frequently ask for her insight into the challenges and rewards of purchasing/renovating or building in Belize. Both have always had a positive outcome, when guided with good advice.  Carol McCann’s approach is to educate her firms clients so they make the best investment decision that meet needs. Her real estate practice is simple and straightforward: give clients the information without prodding or pressure, and simply educating clients.

Coupled with real estate she is active in her community. She is the Chairwoman for the People’s Coalition Committee of San Pedro. Committee is made up of police, citizens, and members of the business sector who are committed to come together. To discuss and solve local issues affecting their area. The PCC also takes on the responsibility to develop better police and community relations. She is also on the Executive Committee of Home Owners Association of The Villas of Banyan Bay.


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