Investing in Belize

Buying in Belize

The real estate industry showed steady growth over the years with a slight fall in sales during 2008 financial crisis. The market trends of the United States largely affect Belize as a significant percentage of investors are from the United States. The real estate market of the country showcases double-digit growth in the recent years. The coastal regions of Belize generate nearly 30 percent growth per annum. When it comes to inland properties, an increase of 15 percent is most common.

Retiring in Belize

You can expect the average price for a luxury property in some high-end areas of Belize stands at $1 million. Remember that similar properties in other popular Caribbean localities will cost you over $2 million. The popular areas of real estate investments include Ambergris Caye, Placencia Peninsula, and Corozal Town.

Advantages of Investing

In Belize there are many advantages that encourage investors to purchase properties. Here in Belize the cost for properties is affordable. Not only with the investment value foreigners or citizens in Belize but in Belize the government provides other lucrative options to make it more appealing.

Investing In Belize

Investing in Belize is a easy process to go through, as there is different methods of purchasing investment properties. People find investing and retiring in Belize trouble-free. Many citizens and foreigners choose to invest in Belize because the law is based upon British law unlike many other countries. Here citizens from US can purchase properties from Belize. Retiring in Belize is another way of investing for instance, there is a Qualified Retiring Program. We encourage people who plan to retire to come to and check Belize out. There are many benefits that are derived from Belize. To begin with, in Belize the atmosphere is amazing and an ideal place to retire for it views and trips. This lovely country brings the fun and activities that can be done as well when retiring. There is not only activities, but history you can learn if you want to visit the districts of our lovely Belize, it is known for its many cultures that are celebrated and an ideal area and place to want to visit as well.

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