Offshore Banking in Belize

With in Belize is ideal for offshore companies and offshore banking. Offshore Banking in Belize has developed into one of the most dynamic and trusted offshore financial centers in the world. 

A Brief History of Offshore Banking in Belize

Beginning in 1990, Belize launched our International Financial Services (IFS) sector. The key to the initial effort was the International Business Companies (IBC) Act, which allows the incorporation and registration of tax-free companies and exchange control-free companies aimed specifically for international investors and international trading. It was a message loud and clear to people overseas: bring your money to Belize! The Trusts Act of 1992 continued the message by providing for the establishment of both Belize onshore trusts and Belize international trusts.

Even more, to supplement the IBC Act and the Trusts Act, Belize passed the Offshore Banking Act and Money Laundering Prevention Act in 1996. However it is now called the Money Laundering and Terrorism (Prevention) Act.

The First Decade

During the first decade, thousands upon thousands of overseas individuals and companies took advantage of this legally protected environment, establishing Belize as one of the best tax havens in the world. More than 15,000 Belize international business companies were created during those first ten years, and more legislation beneficial to offshore money has been passed in the years since, such as the International Limited Liability Companies Act of 2011, which instantly made Belize limited liability companies some of the most attractive in the world. All this legislation adds up to huge tax benefits for companies and individual investors in Belize. For a full list of offshore entities that can now be formed in Belize, click here.

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Advantages of the Offshore Banking in Belize include:


• No income tax
• None tax on dividends
• No capital gains tax
• None inheritance or estate tax
• No interest
• None royalties
• No compensations or other amounts paid by a company
• None succession or gift task in relation to any debt obligations, shares or other securities

Welcoming Atmosphere

• Excellent infrastructure
• Highly developed banking sector
• Advanced telecommunication facilities
• Accessible location (and convenient time zone)
• Political stability with peaceful, democratic history
• Free zones provides facilities for manufacturing and other business activities


• Belize offshore corporations and companies are not required to file tax returns or any other type of report to the government, once regarding sources of income
• Information about beneficial owners, shareholders, directors, and officers of Belize offshore companies, Belize limited liability companies, and Belize international business companies, at this time are not filed with the government of Belize and not available to the public
•Lastly, strict secrecy law prohibits the disclosure of banking and financial information